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PharmSci 2019

September 11th – September 13th

Pharmaceutical Science in a Changing World.

Reflecting the needs for sustainability and diversity in addressing the health of globally connected populations.

9th Annual MIBio Conference

September 13th 2019

MIBio 2019: Stability of Biopharmaceuticals

The MIBio conference series engages world leading experts from industry and academia.

Pleased to announce the winners of the Innovative Science Award (sponsored by GSK)

Professor Abdul Basit – University College London

Emerging Scientist Award (sponsored by Pfizer)

Dr Clare Hoskins who will present her work entitled ‘Nano-assassins for pancreatic cancer therapy’ at PharmSci 2019

Further Plenary Announcement

Thursday 12th September

Professor Rachel Elliott, Professor In Health Economics, University of Manchester.

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Events In 2020

Clinically Relevant Specifications

Q1 2020

Friend House, London – organised by the Biopharmaceutics Focus Group

Crystalline solid-state characterisation

April 2020

Astra Zeneca, Macclesfield – collaboration between the Material Science Focus Group and Astra Zeneca

Industrial Insights

April 2020

Astra Zeneca, Macclesfield – collaboration between the New Scientist and student Focus Groups

Clinical Applications of Nanomedicines

July 2020

University of Reading – organised by the Nanomedicines Focus Group


July 2020

University of Bradford – organised by the Drugs From Natural Sources FG & the University of Bradford

Scale Up and Tech Transfer

Q3 2020

Process Engineering and Formulation Focus Group joint with APV

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